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"Space Project Enterprise asks not only what your country can do for NewSpace, but what NewSpace can do for your country!" -- Coyote

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Friday, April 8, 2011

What are the NewSpace capabilities in R&D currently?

This deals with the first research question:

Does anyone has a list of what NewSpace capabilities are in R&D now that may succeed by 2030?  Let's not judge their potential for success now, let's just list them.

EXAMPLES:  Bigelow's orbiting inflatable habitats is one.  Virgin Galactic's suborbital flights are another.  SpaceX with their lifters and Dragon Capsule are others.

Lists including websites would be great!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Six Research Questions for Space Project Enterprise

These six questions are the focus of investigation of Space Project Enterprise:

1.  What commercial space ventures are in the works?
2.  What investments can USG make in NewSpace that will ultimately promote its security, prestige, and wealth?
3.  What space capabilities should the USG request the commercial sector pursue?
4.  What responsibilities/liabilities does the USG incur from various NewSpace activities?
5.  What trails can USG blaze to open opportunities for commercial space ventures to follow?
6.  What responsibilities should USG assume as a result of successful commercial space ventures?

Finally, the report will conclude by laying out a vision of future USG spacefaring based on the lessons learned in this study. 



Assumptions of Space Project Enterprise

1. The role of government is to blaze trails, promote commerce, and protect its interests.
2. The role of NewSpace is commerce.
3. The interest of government is security, prestige, and wealth.
4. The interest of NewSpace is profit.
5. The interests of government can be served by successes in NewSpace ventures.
6. NewSpace can be helped or hindered by government actions and investments.
7. Government may regulate NewSpace to help, not hinder, national interests.

Your thoughts?

Mission of Space Project Enterprise

Publish a report NLT 1 Oct 2011 on a study sponsored jointly and collaborated broadly, that identifies strategic opportunities opened up to governments by successes in the NewSpace commercial sector.  In parallel, identify actions and investments that can be taken by government that will increase the probability of success in NewSpace ventures, and the spacefaring responsibilities government will or should incur as a result.  In short, describe the mutual benefits and necessary interactions of government and NewSpace spacefaring activities.


Vision of Space Project Enterprise

A strong and profitable NewSpace commercial sector enabled, supported, and protected by Government which, in-turn, utilises NewSpace to enhance its security, prestige, and wealth while it blazes new trails.