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"Space Project Enterprise asks not only what your country can do for NewSpace, but what NewSpace can do for your country!" -- Coyote

YOUR PARTICIPATION IS CRITICAL! The research team will post questions and you comment with your expertise or considered opinions.

Ground Rules

  1. Chatham House Rule is in effect. The standard disclaimer applies:
    1. Nothing on this site shall be considered official policy or the positions of any organization whose members participate here
    2. Feel free to copy, reproduce, or distribute information from the website, but do not identify the author.  Reference to this website is permissible
    3. Collaboration on this effort does NOT imply any endorsement of the sponsors, collaborators, the United States Government, or businesses of any kind.
  2. No payments of any kind shall be made between the sponsors, collaborators, or participants on this website
  3. Participation is always absolutely voluntary and free for everyone
  4. No classified information shall be posted or discussed on the website
  5. No proprietary information shall be posted or discussed on the website
  6. No contract sensitive information shall be posted or discussed on the website
  7. Only professional discussions shall appear:
    1. No mature content
    2. No vulgarity
    3. No racist, sexist, moralist, or other inciteful commentaries
    4. No ad hominem attacks  
  8. Unprofessional matter shall not be posted or shall be removed as soon as possible by the team leaders
    1. The team leaders do not need each other’s permission to promptly post, refuse to post, or to strike from the site anything they feel is unprofessional
  9. The team leaders have final say over all postings, subject to the final decision of DirAFSCSC (that's Coyote)
  10. The unexpected usually occurs. When it does, everyone will take action to:
    1. Do no harm, or minimize damage
    2. Take corrective action as soon as possible
    3. Inform all involved, including sponsors and collaborating organisations
    4. Advance the art of spacefaring in all sectors!